At Cepta Holdings, we boast enduring client relationships and a wide range of product offerings. As a distinguished full-service financial institution, we cater to corporations, institutions, multinationals, governments, and private family offices. Our clients entrust us with their financial needs, recognizing our expertise and ability to provide comprehensive services in the realm of Corporate & Investment Banking. This encompasses Corporate Advisory, Asset & Wealth Management, as well as Commercial Banking, specifically tailored to the Real Estate and Resource sector across Australia, Asia, and the Middle East. Our clients reap the benefits of our global reach, local proficiency, and leadership in all our business segments

Our Mission

Cepta Holdings stands as a distinguished boutique Corporate Finance and Advisory Firm, distinguished by our exceptional and complementary skills spanning the Resource, Industrial, Infrastructure, and Real Estate sectors. We aspire to be the preferred partner, offering a diverse range of financial services and solutions to our valued clients, partners, and stakeholders.

Our Vision

Cepta Holdings is a specialized Corporate Finance and Advisory Firm with a proven track record in the international banking and finance arena. Our extensive experience has enabled us to create a resolute and dedicated ecosystem for our clients. By harnessing our complementary expertise in the Real Estate, Resource Sector, Industrial, and Infrastructure sectors, we have firmly established our success in the marketplace.

Our commitment to delivering exceptional results for our clients remains unwavering. We are dedicated to upholding this tradition of excellence well into the future. Cepta Holdings aspires to be the preferred partner in providing a wide range of financial services and solutions to our clients, partners, and stakeholders.

Our Regional Presence

Cepta Holdings has established its presence across key focal markets in Australia, The Middle East, and Asia.


Offices in Sydney and Melbourne

Southeast Asia

Offices in Singapore and Indonesia and via our associated partners in Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines

Middle East: The Kingdom of bahrain - Tel Aviv, Israel

Office in The Kingdom of Bahrian, Tel Aviv, Israel and partners in Dubai, and Abu Dhabi.